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Independent Swiss Audit Body for Extra Virgin Olive Oil


IOF - International Olive Foundation

The International Olive Foundation (IOF) is an independent Swiss Audit Body for extra virgin olive oil. The aim of the foundation is to protect the international quality standard "Extra Virgin" for olive oils.

The quality standard "extra vergine" has existed for more than 50 years (EU Council Regulation No. 136/66 / EEC of 22 September 1966). The advantageous properties of extra virgin olive oil and its high quality compared to other edible oils make it a very valuable and therefore expensive product. However, olive oil is often adulterated with oils made from cheap fruit or seeds, or even with lower quality olive oils to increase profit or compensate for losses. As a result, many of the olive oils purchased by consumers do not meet the standard set, although they are labelled as extra virgin. This is a global trend: olive oil is now considered one of the most counterfeit foods in the world.


A comprehensive academic study on food fraud over a period of 30 years published in the Journal of Food Science has shown that olive oil is the most frequently mentioned counterfeit food in scientific articles from 1980 to 2010. Nothing has changed in this respect to date.


All this involves important financial problems affecting olive oil producing countries, but there are also serious health and consumer protection concerns associated with it. However, the competent national administrations and authorities are not yet ready to take appropriate comprehensive legal measures to stop fraudulent activities on the olive oil market. The problem is exacerbated by the fact that many consumers do not know how genuine extra virgin olive oil smells and tastes and accept that what is sold to them as extra virgin olive oil is in fact not first class.


IOF was founded to ensure full compliance with the "Extra Virgin" quality standard (EU; Codex Alimentarius; Switzerland, etc.). But it also has other items on its agenda: the promotion of excellent virgin olive oils and the protection and education of consumers. To achieve these goals, IOF has assembled an interdisciplinary team of highly respected olive oil experts and, together with them, has established rigorous procedures for the identification of genuine extra virgin olive oils.

If you are interested in supporting the mission of IOF, do not hesitate to contact us anytime

Thank you very much.

Silvan Brun

President of the Board



The Purpose of the IOF Quality Guarantee Seal
IOF Quality Guarantee Seal.png

The IOF Quality Guarantee Seal certifies olive oils of genuine extra virgin quality. It is awarded on application for olive oils that meet the latest IOF standard for olive oil quality and authenticity, giving olive oil consumers the guarantee that the olive oil is an extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality.

IOF Seal
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