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For the good of everyone.

Dear visitor

The fact that olive oil is one of the most frequently counterfeited foods in the world is tragic, although not only consumers but also food authorities have now become familiar with this fact. What is strange in this context is the finding that there would certainly be good, solid laws to stop the fraud involving the green gold of the Mediterranean.

The existence of our foundation IOF - International Olive Foundation can be meaningfully explained only by the inadequate enforcement of current olive oil regulations. Our agenda is accordingly dedicated to the protection of the Extra Virgin Standard and the protection of olive oil consumers. With this purpose always in mind in our campaigns, IOF - International Olive Foundation is both a blessing and a curse for many market participants. One would wish for better quality, but few are willing to pay for it.

We at IOF - International Olive Foundation believe that a gradual improvement of the situation can be achieved on the one hand by a targeted education of the different parties - from the producer to the consumer - and on the other hand by a systematic exertion of pressure on the political system and on the market. We have shown how this can be achieved with the publication of the world's largest olive oil study to date in February 2020. On one hand, we informed the general public about the olive oil situation (education) and, on the other hand, we published the analytical results of each oil tested per retailer. The media thereupon invited retailers and authorities to submit comments (exerting pressure). 

The work of our foundation serves the welfare of the community. There are no losers in the long run, because everyone benefits from it.

With that in mind, I thank you very much for your support.

Silvan Brun

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