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Switzerland - 20 Minuten - New label to protect consumers from fraudulent olive oils
- Protect consumers
- Manor introduces IOF sealed extra virgin olive oils
20 Minuten - Neues Label soll vor Oliven
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Switzerland - Blick - New label against adulteration of olive oil - IOF - International Olive Foundation
- To release a quality guarantee seal
- To work with independent olive oil panels
- To plan strict quality controls of olive oils on the shelves
Neues Label gegen Panscherei_ Fertig mit
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Switzerland - Hotel Revue - To release finally a solution for chefs and consumers
The famous Swiss gastronomy newspaper "hotel revue" published a remarkable article about extra virgin olive oil in which IOF is mentioned.
Hotel Revue - htr - Olivenöl kämpft um s
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Switzerland - Master of Olive Oil - to present a solution for the protection of the consumers
The Blog "Master of Olive Oil" about consumer's disorientation about olive oil and an appropriate solution coming from IOF.
Switzerland - Master of Olive Oil (2016.
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Switzerland - Hotellerie Gastronomie - IOF wants to work with the Swiss Authorities (2016.04.27)
The well-known Swiss gastronomy journal "Hotellerie Gastronomie" published an interview with the Swiss olive oil expert Silvan Brun talking about IOF - International Olive Foundation.
Switzerland - Hotellerie Gastronomie - H
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«Thank you letter» to the former Italian prosecutor, Dr. Raffaele Guariniello for his exemplary commitment on consumer protection
Official IOF «thank you letter» to Dr. Raffaele Guariniello, former prosecutor of Turin.
The fact that the global discount supermarket chain Lidl (Primadonna), the world’s largest olive oil bottler Deoleo (Bertolli, Carapelli and Sasso) and the Umbrian olive oil bottler Pietro Coricelli have been fined due to misleading of consumers and unfair competition practices is a strong signal of protection for consumers.
Procuratore Dottore Raffaele Guariniello
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