IOF - International Olive Foundation protects olive oil consumers. People all over the world will be safe when buying and consuming IOF sealed real extra virgin olive oils. The IOF Quality Guarantee Seal indicates real extra virgin quality. Supermarket chains all around the world are focusing on this quality assurance measures. People understand that a real extra virgin olive oil is not only a source of nourishment but rather a source of health and joy. Consumers will become more and more aware that IOF sealed real extra virgin olive oils will positively impact their quality of life. Behind every one of IOF sealed bottles there are strict quality controls dedicated to earn consumers’ trust.


Thanks to the revolutionary BLOCKCHAIN technology IOF will be able to trace the olive oil back to the olive grove.

The world's largest database for olive oil will inform consumers as well as institutional buyers about every single relevant detail in the olive oil market - from health aspect until production methods, production quantities of listed companies until featured products achieving the IOF Quality Quarantee Seal.