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There has never been a bigger and more extensive olive oil testing than this one organised by IOF - International Olive Foundation.

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That's what this is about: Be safe when buying olive oil

Olive oil is considered as one of the most counterfeit foods in the EU. In the USA and in Germany, it even ranks first among the most fraud-prone foods. For example, as reported on 14 May 2019, Europol, the Italian NAS Carabinieri and the Justice Department of Darmstadt in Germany had dismantled an olive oil counterfeiting ring and confiscated 150,000 litres of counterfeit olive oil. Sunflower and soya oil was mixed with chlorophyll and beta-carotene and sold to Germany as Italian extra virgin olive oil in large quantities.

The much more common method of fraud, however, is the deliberate misdeclaration of olive oil quality levels. Driven by the merciless price war in the shop shelves of supermarkets and discounters around the world, olive oil producers, cooperatives and bottlers present inferior olive oils as so-called first quality class - extra vergine. In Switzerland, this was last proven in May 2016 by the TV format Kassensturz des Schweizer Fernsehens. 9 out of 16 tested products failed the test. The title of the programme was: Olive oil in the test: The great vertigo with «Extra Vergine».

Since then, not much has changed in the unsatisfactory situation for consumers. Despite well-founded suspicions and the efforts of our northern neighbour Germany to better monitor the olive oil market, the authorities control the olive oils distributed in Switzerland with inadequate methods and insufficient regularity.

With the newly created «Swiss Olive Oil Award» platform, the Lucerne-based IOF - International Olive Foundation will, for the first time, be checking all olive oils advertised as extra virgin in the Swiss retail trade. The results of the first major study currently underway, in which around 200 olive oils from the best-known supermarkets and discounters in Switzerland are analysed chemically and sensorially, are to be published in autumn 2019. The best olive oils will be awarded. With the publication of the test results, IOF aims to provide consumers with the greatest possible transparency and information about Switzerland’s olive oil range.